The Enemy // Charlie Higson

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2013

London is in chaos. Everyone over the age of 14 is either dead or has turned into zombie-like, hungry creatures and they only want to eat one thing: children. The Enemy follows a group of kids living at Waitrose supermarket in Holloway, they are running out of food, and when a boy appears and tells them that the Buckingham Palace is safe, they go with him on a dangerous journey across London.
Meanwhile, Little Sam is separated from the group and has to fight the grown ups on his own while searching for his sister. Along the way, he gets captured by several groups of grown ups and his storyline was definitely the most interesting one.
We also get a few chapters about Callum, the only kid who chose to stay at the supermarket while the others left for Buckingham Palace. As many of the other characters, Callum really grew on me. I didn't like him a lot at the beginning of the book, but towards the end I felt really bad for him and wanted to give him a hug.

You get introduced to a lot of characters, which was a bit confusing in the beginning. It wasn't until I got about 100 pages into the book that I really started to care about the characters. You meet Arran, Maxie, Freak & Deak, Blue, Ollie and a lot more characters. I mixed some of them up in the beginning, but everyone has their own unique personality that made them easy to separate once you learned the names. Little Sam teams up with a girl named Rhiannon and a mysterious boy called "The Kid". The three of them ended up being my favorite characters and I can't wait to read more about Little Sam in the rest of the books.

You realize pretty quickly that no one is safe in this book. After 150 pages, Higson has already killed off two main characters, and by the end of the book, there are a lot more dead kids. The book was very unpredictable. You never knew if the kids were going to get to Buckingham Palace, if Little Sam was going to reunite with the group or if Callum would go after the others. You never knew who would die next. The book was a bit "choppy" at some points. It didn't always pick up where the last chapter ended, and that was a bit irritating. The writing style was great and pulled me in very quickly.

The book is filled with blood and gore, and it's really really action-packed and fast-paced. I recommend it for anyone who want's a good zombie-book!
I ended up giving this book 4.5/5 stars, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series!


  1. sounds great, I really want to buy it now! haha.